Learning to Ski with Anette Bøe


The original style of nordic skiing, with a alternating linear movement, similar to walking. A classic ski has a "kick-zone" which is what propels the skier forward during a stride.

There are 3 classic ski techniques: The Diagonal Stride (the image above), Double Pole, and Kick Double Pole (a.k.a. One Step Double Pole). Diagonal Stride is the most powerful and is good for climbing hills. Double Pole is for higher speed travel on flats or small hills. Kick Double Pole combines elements of Diagonal Stride and Double Pole and is perfect for in between conditions.


The Skating technique most resembles the skating motion of an ice skater, except you are using skis. Unlike classic skiing, skating requires groomed snow, as it is almost impossible to skate in heavy loose snow.

There are 3 main skating techniques: One Skate, Two Skate, and Paddling ("The Offset"). The fundamentals of the One Skate and Two Skate Techniques are very similar. Where they differ is in the timing of the pole plants. For One Skate, you use your poles between each leg stride. For the Two Skate, you plant your poles every other stride. The two skate technique is the most natural for beginners and can be used at high speed. The Paddling technique is used to climb larger hills. What makes this stride unique is the positioning of the poles. One pole is slightly more up hill than the other pole.

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