Learn to Skiwith Anette Bøe

Group sessions are for all levels (beginners to advanced). During these sessions, you will train with Anette, and fellow students to work on a variety of techniques.

Each session is tailored to the groups needs, and focus, from working on perfecting your classic technique, to optimizing the full power of your stride while skating, Anette will make sure you are skiing fast in no time.

Class Overview

  • Book up to a 2 hour session
  • Work together with Anette in a group of up to 8 students
  • Before the session begins, we talk about what you want to work on


  • Oslo
  • Geilo / Uvdal
  • Contact for other locations

Ski Techniques

  • Skating
  • Classic
  • Biathlon - Skiskyting

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1 hour kr. 825,-+ 250,- pp
1,5 hour   kr. 1175,-+ 380,- pp

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